Underground Service Locator & Cable Location Services

Locator Man, an experienced locator you can trust.

Locator Man are experienced specialists in locating underground utilities in the Auckland, Northland and Waikato region. We use a wide range of the latest technology to aid in finding underground services and unknown objects. Our services include cable locating, underground utility locating and ground penetrating radar scanning.

Why Locator Man?

Locator Man has ‘beforeUdig’ certified locators and are members of NUCLA New Zealand. We offer a wide range of technical, practical and industry knowledge and experience to guarantee high quality and accurate outcomes.  We deliver a professional, but most importantly, a quality service.

  • Over 10 years of industry experience.
  • Qualified tradesmen
  • ‘Before U Dig’ Certified Locator
  • Member of Nulca NZ 
  • Sidewize accredited. 
  • Reliable and punctual.
  • New and a wide range of equipment.

Why cable/pipe locating is needed and who can benefit?

Cable/pipe locating is a big part of today’s H&S procedures. This is to prevent any harm to buried infrastructure including but not limited to; power, gas, telecom and water. Damaging underground utilities causes disruption to users, cost money to repair, but mostly can cause serious harm or even death. Cable and pipe locating is not just for big projects such as building/upgrading roads, but also for small residential jobs such as finding the services coming out of the property when replacing or building a fence.

We can help locate the following:

  • Metallic pipes
  • Telecom and electrical cables
  • Tracer wires for fibre, gas and water
  • Drainage pipes 
  • Unknown services or objects that are not on any utility plans 

Everyone that is breaking ground or is planning to break ground can benefit by getting a service locate.

We want to help everyone, big or small jobs

*Residential customers, someone wanting to replace a fence, someone wanting to pull out a tree and needs stump grinding, someone that is applying for consent for a new swimming pool or putting in a new deck.

*Larger scale jobs can include but is not limited to, helping companies plan for drainage installations/upgrades or major Watercare/Vector infrastructure upgrades, new subdivisions, motorway investigation upgrades, footpath renewal jobs.


What services can you locate?
We can locate power, communication lines, gas, water, stormwater and sewer. We do however, always recommend that you get CCTV for stormwater and sewer. We can locate a variety of other things, but there are always limitations to what we can or cannot do. Please call Locator Man to discuss your scope in more detail.
What regions do cover?

 We are an Auckland based company; however we travel to Northland, North Waikato and Thames-Coromandel area.

What is the cost of locating services?

No site is the same unfortunately. For example, to find the power, fibre, gas and water for a residential property it can be a very quick job, however there are lot of variables that can cause it to take longer. If the fibre installer did not connect the tracer or your gas pipe does not have a tracer cable with it, it slows down the process. We must then explore other options. Please contact Locator Man for the hourly rate or an estimate.

We care about operating in a safe and responsible manner to protect not only our employees, but anyone in the nearby area.

If I get a service locate and then damage a service, is the liability on Locator Man and I am free of responsibility?

Unfortunately no, it is important that you remember that all liability goes on the individual or company breaking ground, not on the landowner or Locator Man. Although we use excellent calibrated approved tools, all markings put down by Locator Man Ltd should be used as a guide to find underground services only, and no warranty as to accuracy is given or implied. 

It is the responsibility of the individual or company that breaks ground to carefully expose and visually see the services before work commences. 

In conjunction with location devices and plans, trial holes by careful hand excavation are essential before any excavation is commenced. Hand digging must continue until all of the services have been found. If there is any doubt as to where the service is located, stop work and consult with the service owner. Please see the safety guide here.


“Rudo is your best contact if you’re in need of an underground services survey and/or report. There have been many occasions where we have needed to book surveys quickly and at the last minute. And a couple of times we have had to change the timing or dates of bookings.  Each time Rudo has been accommodating, is always efficient and has continued to maintain excellent professionalism with every booking. Highly recommend him. And will be continuing to engage his services ongoing. Thanks, Rudo for all your hard work. “

Hannah Swann

Project Manager: Playco Playgrounds

“We manage the facilities for NZDF and Rudo has always provided us with a fast & efficient service and he understands the H&S & process requirements expected by our client. He supplies detailed information for each job every time. Great company to work with and highly recommended.“

Dylan Trow

Project Manager: PAE

I have used Rudo and Arno from Locator man on all my work sites the past couple of months replacing fence These young men have saved me thousands of dollars repairs and down time and possibly my life by finding power cables that nobody knew about and were not on the service drawings. These young men are easy to deal with certainly know their stuff.

Gabe Ambrose

Handyman Gabe

We care about operating in a safe and responsible manner to protect not only our employees, but anyone in the nearby area.